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Nate Denver's Neck / Best Friends Forever Split LP (LL-LP-001)


Nate Denver's Neck / Best Friends Forever Split 12" LP (LL-LP-001)

Listen to this record over on our Bandcamp page.

Info: Our first foray into producing and releasing records. Eight otherwise-unreleased songs from Nate Denver's Neck. Six Best Friends Forever songs recorded by Nate Kinsella at Electrical Audio in Chicago, and previously only available on tour-only cdrs • Hand-printed, hand-assembled gatefold jackets featuring a centerfold by Luke Holden of Detrimental Information fame • Limited to 500 pressed on thick white vinyl • Manufactured in the Czech Republic, with jackets built by us in our studios in Minneapolis & Chicago.

Design: Dan Black & Jessica Seamans
Illustration: Jessica Seamans & Luke Holden


Nate Denver's Neck
01. Move Away
02. Clock Jitters
03. Hallelujah
04. Cheers
05. Malaysia
06. On the Road Again
07. Harvest
08. God Please

Best Friends Forever
01. Circus Song
02. January
03. Up Up
04. ULR & D
05. Be Sharpe
06. Austin, TX