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Official Landland Postcard Set (Vol. One)

$5.00 / Coming Soon


Do you like postcards? How about tiny versions of some of our prints? Want some weird little things to show up in your mailbox? Other people's mailboxes? We urge you to check out these Official Landland Postcard Sets that we've made. Send a thing to your Grandma or your friend or your high school English teacher. Or the police. Also works on your enemy.

• FIVE Fully-Functional Offset-Printed Postcards (all different, as shown in the photo)
• 1 (4"x6") Screen Printed Miniature Test Print
• Assorted Smaller Cards, made for no reason, included for fun
• 1 Screen Printed "Thank You" Card for you, from us.
• A 3-Color Screen Printed Belly Band, wrapping the whole thing up

NOTE: These postcard packs will ship separately from poster orders, so there is an additional charge (based on your location). Shipping charges are set up to charge "per item" on these postcard sets, but we will refund the extra postage on orders for multiple postcard sets. Confusing set-up, I know, but we'll sort it all out over here before your order ships. Thanks!